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[OCD] Discalced Nuns of
the Order of the Blessed
Virgin Mary of Mt. Carmel

The Discalced Carmelites have no
major superior as the 23 Carmels in
the Philippines are autonomous, sui
juris, & the prioresses are themselves
the major superiors. Moreover, most
of their monasteries, by the Apostolic
See’s special decision, are entrusted
to the special vigilance of the Diocesan
bishops in accordance with
Cons. 615. Others (Cagayan de Oro,
Malaybalay, Gumaca, Cebu, Lucena
& Naga) are under the jurisdiction of
the Order, and have as their regular
superior the Provincial Superior of
the OCD Fathers in the Philippines.
Provincial Superior
Room 205, St. Joseph Bldg.
Basilica of the National Shrine of
Our Lady of Mount Carmel
Broadway Avenue, New Manila
1112 Quezon City
Tel.: (02) 8724-8644
Telefax: (02) 8724-8643
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: www.ocdphilippines@org


Diocese of Bacolod
Carmel of Sts. Joseph & Therese of the
Child Jesus (F-1946), Mandalagan,
6100 Bacolod City, P.O. Box
102, Bacolod City
Tel.: (034) 441-1803
Community Members: Mother
May Catherine of Christ, Prioress;
Sr. Mary Anthony of the
Trinity, Sr. Philomene of Mary,
Sr. Anne Marie of Jesus, Sr. Elizabeth
of the Trinity, Sr. Alice of
the Child Jesus, Sr. Bella of the
Queen of Carmel, Sr. Margaret
of the Incarnation, Sr. Emma
Marie of the Holy Spirit, Sr. Marian
Therese of the Sacred Heart,
Novice Professed; Sr. Maria Nona
Theresa of the Holy Family, Novice
Extern Sisters: Sr. Mary of St. Joseph,
Sr. Mary Kathleen of the
Blessed Sacrament, Sr. Grace
of the Holy Spirit, Novice Professed;
Sr. Rose Louise of St.
Joseph, Novice Professed; Sr.
Mary Pauline of the Immaculate
Heart, Novice

Filipinas… ………………………17
Final Vows……………………12
Temporary Vows… ………… 4
Novice… …………………… 1

Mo. Mary Louise of the Holy Spirit,
Mo. Mary Joseph of Jesus, Sr. Mary
Joanna of the Cross, Sr. Martha of
the Holy Family, Sr. Ma. Lourdes of
Jesus, Sr. Ma. Corazon of the Child

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